"Her eyes are indeed strikingly beautiful, but they seem to be in some perpetual mourning, even when she smiles. Ironically so, just like mine." Reeves Mitchell, Retrace









First encounter 

“So, for the sake of proper conduct, Miss Mitchell,” I send out my hand for a shake, “you know my name…”

She observes my offered palm for a short moment, and fills it with her soft one. Bare, groomed fingernails, just the way I like. In unison our stares drop to where our palms link. Something’s happening there, something that produces energy with unworldly speed.

“Miss Mitchell,” she says, prompting our stares to re-meet. Her expression a transparent tease. I nod, amusement playing on my face.

“Well, we’ve crossed nudity off the list, so I guess it’s safe to say we should be okay on a first name basis…”

She mirrors my glee. “It’s Nia.”

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© 2014 by Sigal Ehrlich, Author.